Chiropractic 101- Invest in Your Health

I can’t afford that.
My insurance doesn’t cover it.
I’ll have to stop coming after my insurance runs out.
It costs too much.
Stop with the excuses people.

You CAN afford chiropractic care. You CANNOT afford to be sick.

Did you know that the United States ranks LAST in the quality of health care among industrialized countries? We spend MORE on healthcare than Japan, Germany, France, China, the U.K, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Spain and Australia COMBINED.

Did you know that the United States is spending more on health care, yet people are living less? In 2012 on average a family of 4 paid $25,000 per year on health insurance. Yes, I’m sure an employer paid some of that $25,000…but that’s $25,000 PER YEAR going to insurance. That doesn’t include co-pays, deductibles, prescription drugs, and any other out of pocket expense.
Did you know that the United States spends on average $1,000 per person on prescription drugs. Again, that does not figure in the out of pocket cost for an individual.

We have a sick care system, and it’s time to take control of  YOUR health.

The “Death by Medicine” doctors say that the overuse of medical testing, technology, surgery and drugs does little to prevent disease and results in the most US deaths.

chiropractic health insuranceWhat is more important to consider, they say, is the practice of preventive  medicine, changes that would address the root causes of disease: stress and its effects on the immune system, a compromised brain/body connection, lack of physical activity, denatured and processed food intake, and exposure to environmental toxins.
Answer: Chiropractic
Chiropractic addresses the ROOT cause of the problem

Consider this study of chiropractic patients over 65 yrs old who had received 5 yrs or more of “maintenance care” vs. healthy people of the same age:


  • Chiropractic patients spent only 31% of the national average for health care
  • They had 50% less medical provider visits
  • Their health habits were radically better then overall populations
  • They had far less cigarette consumption
  • 98.5% believed that care to be considerably or extremely valuable


Chiropractic care hasn’t only been proven to help reduce back pain, it’s also been shown to help improve the function of your body and can save you thousands of dollars in health care costs.

In my office, it is my MISSION to make chiropractic AFFORDABLE, because I believe THAT much in the power of chiropractic and I want it to be available to EVERYONE. Financials or status should never be a barrier for good health.

feelMost people have NO idea how good they are supposed to feel because they have always been sick. Or on multiple prescriptions. Or told they will never be better.

It’s time to STOP the madness.
I grew up as the always sick kid. I’ve had my tonsils out, adenoids out, 5 sets of tubes in my ears, endless bouts of strep throat and sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis. I remember growing up taking prescription after prescription because my parents didn’t know any better. If you ask my parents today, they will tell you they wish they had all of us under chiropractic care when my brother and I were growing up. Until this past summer when I had an extreme allergic reaction, I had not been to a doctor for 6 years. I had not taken a prescription drug for 6 years. There is definitely a place for modern medicine, there’s no doubt about that.

But, there’s a greater need for natural, preventative health care. 

I want you to experience a life of great health. What are you waiting for?
It’s time to invest in yourself and in your health.
Go see YOUR chiropractor TODAY. Don’t have one? I will help you find one who promises to address the root CAUSE of the problem through specific, scientific, chiropractic corrective care.

Until Then-
Walk in Excellence, Conviction and Comfort with a total spirit of Love

-Dr. Erica


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