Are you stressed?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?
Do you have trouble sleeping?
Do you find yourself easily irritated? Snappy?
Do you put others needs ahead of yours?
Do you suffer from anxiety or depression?
Do you have high cholesterol? High blood pressure?
Do you rely on medication to be “healthy” ?

Where does your health rank on your priority list? If life was a car, does your health sit in the front seat or the back seat?
Are you stressed? 

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you NEED to be at our stress workshop TOMORROW at 6:30pm.

Reserve your spot today by calling our office at 616-710-4106 or emailing us at

Relax. Its Just Stress Flyer-JPEG copy


I hope to see you at our workshop tomorrow! Your health truly depends on it!

Until then-
Walk in Excellence, Comfort and Conviction with a Total Spirit of Love!
–Dr. Erica


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