Freedom to Choose

This post is going to be a little bit different today. In the office this week I’ve been asked about my thoughts on the current measles outbreak. I’ve also been asked about vaccinations and my opinion on vaccinations, and if when I have children if I will vaccinate my children. I’m not one to weigh in on controversial topics like this unless asked because it’s not worth the fight. Controversial topics can lead to heated discussions filled with intense emotions and ignorant statements and/or attacks on personal morals, values and beliefs.

Here’s the conclusion I’ve come to…
Personal choice with a two asterisks. Every parent parents differently. Families have their own beliefs, values, morals, health practices, etc..

Therefore, my stand is personal choice with two asterisks.

The first * is this, education.

Before you make the decision to vaccinate, not vaccinate or delay schedule vaccinate your beautiful bundles of joy, I just ask you to do the research and know the pros and cons of each scenario so you are able to make the best, informed decision for your child and your family.

Topics to research: vaccination schedules, what is in each vaccination, the “why” or use for each vaccination, the dosage for each vaccination, the pro/cons of vaccinating or not vaccinating, adverse reactions to the vaccines, etc..

The second * is respect.

Respect the decision of other parents. It’s 100% ok to agree to disagree. What’s not ok is “shaming” them, blaming them, slamming them… Shaming other parents into thinking their children don’t deserve healthcare when they are sick because they weren’t vaccinated, or that their children shouldn’t be allowed in school, play groups, church groups, etc because they weren’t vaccinated. That’s not ok, and simply it’s not respectful.

Have you ever asked a parent who decided to vax, non-vax, delay vax their reason, their “why” for doing so?
Because for me, what really matters is everyone’s lives matter. Black or White, Asian or Hispanic, Young or Old, Non-Vaccinated or doesn’t matter. All lives matter.

So, my medical opinion and stance on the vaccination issue is this:
Do your homework, so you are able to make an informed and not ignorant decision. My second medical opinion is this, respect other parents and their decision.

And in the name of Ellen Degeneres–Be Kind Today, and Every day!


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